Like most of us going through life, I indulge in a range of energies; from love to hate, care to carelessness, joy to boredom, loneliness to connectedness...etc. Regardless of the energy I experience at any given moment, I know that because of them... I am alive. I'm not about to deny any of them. I call these energies 'The Magic Of Life' or 'Maya.' So, Maya is my inspiration for expression. This is what art means to me... I'm celebrating Maya. 

When a tear runs down, and I am deeply fathoming what it really is, I tear up even more, because in the thick of what I'm going through I feel thrilled that I'm feeling; that I'm allowing the primitive energy of the universe to pass through me. I also feel amazed by realizing how far this "what I'm going through" has taken me away from home and this recognition itself brings me back home spontaneously. It's as if the best way to feel myself is by recognizing how Maya takes me away from myself.



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